The Inner Path

The Inner Path is a Pagan Group formed by Sacred Crossroads Coven in 2001. I, with help from the Coven, taught a Wicca 101 class twice a year, and people who took those courses often wanted to continue training by joining Sacred Crossroads. Most of the time, we didn't have room to take new students into the coven.

The purpose of starting the Inner Path was to give these people and other interested folks in the community, a place to continue training, experiencing open rituals, celebrating the sabbats, going to pagan-oriented workshops, and meeting good folks of like mind. After ritual, there was always a little potluck feast and plenty of time for everyone to socialize. There were evenings when we had over 100 people in attendance, demonstrating the tremendous need there was in the community for people to find a place where they could feel safe expressing and sharing with others the spiritual path they had chosen.

Another purpose of beginning the Inner Path was for the community to make the Inner path their own. To help that occur, we gave many ritual pieces out for other folks in the community to perform, reading them if they needed to, acting them out if they were able to memorize or, best of all, getting the concept across by speaking from the heart. Gradually, the Inner Path members learned and gained confidence and before too long, with a little guidance, they were planning and performing the rituals on their own.

After 7 years, my husband, Dagda and I stepped down as the major coordinators. It is quite a bit of work every six weeks! Others from my daughter covens and people from the community stepped up to help organize and be ritual leaders. While this transformation was taking place, the Inner Path went through many changes. As different people from my daughter covens and others from the community stepped up to help and be ritual leaders, the ceremonies took on different flavors. It was nice to see the creativity that was brought to the Inner Path rituals and there were some beautiful things that came out of this period.

Perhaps things changed too much, too quickly and the attendance dropped dramatically. It was suggested that the Inner Path be shut down altogether.

However, there was a core group of people that wanted to see the Inner Path continue and succeed again. This is where we are right now. At Yule 2012, a committee was formed from this core group, new ritual leaders have been chosen, and the entire 2013 year has been planned out.

It is my intention to help wherever I can by bringing some of the old ways back. I foresee wondrous success through the work of the community, tremendous ritual where some real energy is raised through rockin' drumming, ecstatic dancing, pathworkings, meditation, and of course, our spiral dance. I hope to see you all there once again, beginning Saturday, February 2 at the Springfield Friends Meetinghouse and then continuing for each Sabbat to follow.

For more information about the Inner Path or the Open Rituals contact:

Blesssed be,
Lady Kaleah

Inner Path Rituals - 2015 Dates


Ostara: Saturday, March 21

Beltane: Saturday, May 2

Midsummer: Saturday, June 20

Lammas: Saturday, August 2

Mabon: Saturday, September 26

Samhain: Saturday, October 31

Yule: Saturday, December 19

All rituals are held at the Springfield Quaker Meeting House / Peace Center of Delaware County (Directions)

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