Sacred Crossroads is a Traditional Gardnerian Coven of the Long Island Line. We also claim Alexandrian Lineage, but prefer the more traditional liturgy and praxis of the Long Island Gardnerians. Our covenstead is located in Wayne, Pennsylvania and we offer training to men and women interested in following a traditional, oath-bound path. We worship both God and Goddess and place an emphasis on the polarity between male and female energies. Sacred Crossroads follows a three degree system of initiation and elevation.

The initiation process is important because it marks our progress through the magickal journey of our lives. It provides a push toward personal and spiritual growth by bringing the challenges that are our life lessons to the forefront where we can face them head on. The process of initiation and elevation helps to keep us true to ourselves and our path.

Our Craft practice follows a strict traditional structure. However, we use that structure as a framework and build on it in a way that allows the freedom to express personal spiritual beliefs and concepts of deity. Coven members are encouraged to use their creativity to bring a fullness and richness to ritual and magickal practice.

We worship the Lord and Lady through the Wheel of the Year and offer workshops and classes on Traditional British Wicca to a growing pagan community interested in learning about a more traditional approach. Check the calendar of events for dates and times of any upcoming classes. Full and New Moon celebrations are not open to guests.

We have four daughter covens: Circle of the Sacred Oak, Awen Forge, Coven Ancora Imparo, and Sacred Sunstone.

We gather at the Sacred Crossroads where we find the Cauldron of Transformation. It is here we meet our challenge to develop the impetus for that growth and change within the cauldron of life, death and rebirth. We rejoice in having a spiritual family who love us and support us through this process of change.

We also rejoice in being part of the larger Gardnerian Community, knowing that we have family all over the world where we look forward to attending gatherings, sharing rituals, meeting new folks and generally getting to know one another.


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First Wednesday evening of every month at 7pm. See the Calendar for more information.


For those interested in learning a bit about a lot!  This course is an introductory course into the subjects within Wicca. Offered 1-2x’s per year approximately.

British Traditional Witchcraft

A more in depth look at British Traditional Craft.  This course is for the serious student who may consider ultimately taking the path of the Wicca. An intro to Wicca course or equivalent is required before admittance.